Which Types Of Skincare Products Make You Really Look Younger?

It is next to impossible to go through the innumerable skin care products that have pervaded the cosmetic industry today to figure out the best skin care products that can retain the radiant and youthful texture of your body. It is very essential to know the ingredients used in cosmetics before using them on your body as most of them can do more harm than good as they penetrate the skin and introduce harmful elements, which can increase the risk of cancer and other ailments. Find out what your skin type is before you choose skin care products.

Cleansers, tonics, lotions, and moisturizers

Once you have established whether your skin is normal, dry, over dry, sensitive, oily or maturing, make sure you buy good quality skin care products that cater to your skin type. Carbon emissions, pollution and allergens in the care produce free radicals, which harm the skin and cause redness, itchiness, blotching, age spots and wrinkles. Antioxidants fight to free the skin of these problems and a judicious use of the right amounts prevents the skin from losing excess moisture, corrects overactive glands and strengthens the tissues against sagging etc.

Basic precautions to take when purchasing skin care products

Do not purchase creams and moisturizers because of their wonderful perfume or because they were recommended by someone else. Use products that suit your skin type and avoid those which have mineral oils like petroleum products and liquid paraffin, which are cheaper options that penetrate the skin and enter the body. Avoid skin care products, which use Dioxane, preservatives or parabens, most types of alcohol, which strips the skin from its natural acids and causes viruses, bacteria and irritations. Use skin care products that stimulate and produce new collagens and elastins in your body to counteract the sagging and wrinkles and which will hydrate and replenish the moisture content in your face and body. Look for higher concentration of these ingredients as most companies may list the ingredients but use minimal amounts, which may not really produce results

Scientifically proven skin care ingredients could make that difference.

Look at labels on bottles and jars of skin care products, which offer small amounts of alpha or beta hydroxy acids, shea butter, edelweiss extract, and primrose oil. Plant oils and seeds are beneficial to skin and recent research has proved that Japanese kelp called phytessence wakame actually blocks harmful enzymes in the body, thereby aiding in retaining that youthful look by protecting the collagen and elastin in the body. It is a proven fact that Functional Keratin or Cynergy TK repairs and replaces dead cells and that ingredients like nano-lipobelle and manuka honey fight free radicals, replenish the moisture content, and rejuvenate the skin. Use products that have jojoba oil, seaweed extracts, rose and neem oils which also soothe the skin. Remember that regular cleansing, hydrating, exfoliating and toning the skin is very important to retain that youthful and radiant glow.

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