Top Make Up Artist Give Tips On How to Find a Good Make Up Foundation

Forget what you think you know about finding a good make up foundation. Even if your looking for the best drugstore foundation for oily skin, you still don’t know what your doing. Digging though the isle and finding your perfect match has gotten harder. It has gotten to the point where you got to buy a bunch to find the little stuff you need. We understand all the disappoints. The good news, we know some top make artist that know what to do. Read the tips that give below to have a more relaxed process.

Match the Color On Your Chest

Top Make Up Artist Give Tips On How to Find a Good Make Up Foundation

Always put on make up that matches your chest for that natural look. This applies to the best drugstore foundation for oily skin or any other make up foundation. If you want to look like you have flawless skin, then go with your chest color. You don’t want people to spot your make up. You want it to balance and look like you always look like that. Appear to not wear make up and look young by matching your face make up with the color on your chest. It works every time. Try it if you don’t believe what the top make up artist say.

Find Your Favorite Texture

Find a make texture that is personal. Experts say making your make up foundation is suppose to be personal. It is your own make up. You should do it the way you want to do it. Make it so you look the way you want to look from day to day. Let people see the person you want them to see you as. People say you should do this and that. But, you really need to make sure you use a make up foundation that is really yours. Make your face bloom with you. You are the only person that you need to listen to when you put on make up.

Make Sure Make Up Is Not Laying On Any Texture On Face

Putting on make up can look really bad if you layer it wrong. Your face has a lot of layers on it. Wash your face and get rid of old colors you used the day before. When adding layers, put colors that seem to fit. Colors that give you your best confidence and make you feel good overall. You got to change it, but at the same time make sure it is all balanced. If you need another pair of eyes, then use it. Your eyes can not see everything you do wrong. Add texture where it is needed on your face and everything should be fine.

Another thing, do not add in color that does not fit with your face. On Halloween, nobody cares about you messing up. But, you got to think about the days your not on that holiday. Each color needs to blend in. Light colors for winter. Dark to medium colors for summer. Make everything look like it was suppose to be there. The people around you will pay more attention to how you tried to be a beautiful thing.