Sun Protection is Very Important for Outside Activities

Going out in the Sun is little dangerous. You could find yourself catching cancer if your not too careful. The Sun’s UV light is not as friendly as it feels. Whenever you go out to the beach, wear sunscreen to protect your skin. Wipe it on each layer that is going to be exposed to the Sun’s rays. Babies need to have on the best sunscreen for babies you can find. Their skin is very reactive to the outside environments. More importantly, you need to keep your baby away from the Sun. Too much time in the Sun can not help your baby’s skin however. Read what is below to be more prepared with Sun protection.

sunscreen for babies

Sunburns Are Caused From the Sun

Sunburns are called sunburns because the Sun causes them. The Sun light hits the Earth each day. During this time, a small strand of heat light penetrates the Earth’s atmosphere and touches the skin. The heat light called UV rays react with a chemical called melanin in your skin. Once this happens, your skin is open to having cancer, tanning, burns, or wrinkles. Basically, all the Sun needs to do is touch your skin to cause a sunburn. The sunburn process will most likely happen if you stay outside for long periods. Being outside for short periods is not enough time to make sunburn appear on your skin. People who spend a small amount of time like 1 hour or less do not have to worry about sunburn too much. Those of you who spend 2 or more hours need to worry about sunburn. Stay out of the Sun’s UV lights, if you plan to be out in the Sun for two hours or more.

Cover your Body With Clothes

Cover yourself with clothes to protect you from the Sun’s heat rays. Same, applies to babies you take with you. However, important to make the baby wear the best sunscreen for babies anyway in daylight. Babies react to everything outside in a poor manner. Their skin is very soft and very weak. Apply the sunscreen to every inch of their skin and then put clothes around them. Back to main point, wear clothes to alternatively protect yourself from the Sun. Clothes are not just fabric you put on to keep warm. They are fabric that block invisible heat light that damages your skin once the Sun touches it for two ours. If you plan to be out in the Sun for two hours or more, wear long sleeve clothes and pants. I know its hot outside and I know you don’t feel like it. But, you need to do it to stop the Sun from giving you cancer and making you look old.

Wear Sunglasses to Protect Eye Sight

Sunglasses are a good way to protect your eyes from sunlight. This is only recommended for people being out in Sun for long instances. Light hits your eyes and damages the vision little by little. Normally, your body can handle it. But, if you plan on looking outside for long periods, you might want to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Your eyes are strong and they have abilities you wouldn’t think of. But they have their limits just like the muscles connected to your bones. Put on the shades and help your eyes hold onto its vision for the next 30 years or so. Personally, I never want my eyes to lose vision. I want my eyes to look clear as they do in my twenties. Once you get old, your eyes are going to be trying to not work on you. To emphasize, wear sunglasses to keep your 100% vision and make them last a long time.