Can Baby Powder Be Safe for Babies?

Many parents use baby powder today. I have even been using it. Parents think baby powder is the best thing to use on a baby after you change its diaper or bath. Though, there are scientist who recently found faults with baby powder. Claiming it can cause the baby to have some sort of breathing problem. Sounds strange, people have been using baby powder for years. Why would the scientists say it now? That is something you can find out down below if curious.

Possible Health Effects According to Doctors

First, the risk of respiratory failure is caused by baby powder. Corn starch and talc found in baby powder has the ability to infect lungs. Making the child breath harder and possibly killing them in their sleep. Ok, this sounds a little exaggerated. Its not apparently, pediatrics from American Academy report baby powder having chemicals that can infect in lungs in small particles. Meaning, your baby does not need to sniff in a large amount to have lung problems. In seriousness, keep the baby powder away from your child’s nose. When you use baby powder on child, keep the white smoke away from their face. I know it feels good and smell good. But, your baby does not have a strong lung biological system. Think about their safety and keep it away.

To extend, cancer can be caused by baby powder. The percentage is a small amount. You don’t hear people catching cancer from baby powder. But, in any event, it should be important to keep baby powder away form child for that purpose. The amount is not something to worry about but you want your child to be the best right? So do I.

Way to Use It Safely

The only way to use best baby powder safely is to apply to baby’s elbows, neck, and feet. Areas not on the face are fine too. The main thing is to not let the baby sniff in the air. Use a very small amount on your hand and apply. Small amounts are less capable of entering in your child’s nose. After you use body wash for baby and baby powder, wash the baby off with water all over. Also, wash your hands with water to stop the smell from surrounding house. You don’t want that stuff lying around. It can hurt you and your child. Anyone that comes in the house is affected.

Second safe way, apply baby powder to the genitals when you put on a new diaper. As long as the powder is kept from face, you can apply the powder to baby private area without causing baby problems. The diaper will do a good job of blocking out the substance for everyone surrounding baby. In my opinion, this way should be the only time you need to use baby powder.

Top Make Up Artist Give Tips On How to Find a Good Make Up Foundation

Forget what you think you know about finding a good make up foundation. Even if your looking for the best drugstore foundation for oily skin, you still don’t know what your doing. Digging though the isle and finding your perfect match has gotten harder. It has gotten to the point where you got to buy a bunch to find the little stuff you need. We understand all the disappoints. The good news, we know some top make artist that know what to do. Read the tips that give below to have a more relaxed process.

Match the Color On Your Chest

Top Make Up Artist Give Tips On How to Find a Good Make Up Foundation

Always put on make up that matches your chest for that natural look. This applies to the best drugstore foundation for oily skin or any other make up foundation. If you want to look like you have flawless skin, then go with your chest color. You don’t want people to spot your make up. You want it to balance and look like you always look like that. Appear to not wear make up and look young by matching your face make up with the color on your chest. It works every time. Try it if you don’t believe what the top make up artist say.

Find Your Favorite Texture

Find a make texture that is personal. Experts say making your make up foundation is suppose to be personal. It is your own make up. You should do it the way you want to do it. Make it so you look the way you want to look from day to day. Let people see the person you want them to see you as. People say you should do this and that. But, you really need to make sure you use a make up foundation that is really yours. Make your face bloom with you. You are the only person that you need to listen to when you put on make up.

Make Sure Make Up Is Not Laying On Any Texture On Face

Putting on make up can look really bad if you layer it wrong. Your face has a lot of layers on it. Wash your face and get rid of old colors you used the day before. When adding layers, put colors that seem to fit. Colors that give you your best confidence and make you feel good overall. You got to change it, but at the same time make sure it is all balanced. If you need another pair of eyes, then use it. Your eyes can not see everything you do wrong. Add texture where it is needed on your face and everything should be fine.

Another thing, do not add in color that does not fit with your face. On Halloween, nobody cares about you messing up. But, you got to think about the days your not on that holiday. Each color needs to blend in. Light colors for winter. Dark to medium colors for summer. Make everything look like it was suppose to be there. The people around you will pay more attention to how you tried to be a beautiful thing.

Eyeliner Tips For That Perfect Look

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. It may sound cliche, but isn’t it quite true that for many people it is the eyes that first draw a man to a woman? If you want to lure others to look at you more intently, maybe it’s time you make those eyes look even more captivating. One of the easiest ways to do that is to do some tricks with the best drugstore liquid eyeliner on your eyes. It will be easy to make your eyes look more vibrant, make your lashes look longer, and, as a whole, make your overall look even more intense and captivating.

You can’t just use any color to do all that, however. The right color, the right strokes, the right edges to apply the eyeliner, are the things that you need to consider to make sure you’ll create the right look for whatever occasion you may need to put on an eye make up.

It won’t be that easy, especially for those who are not used to putting on makeup themselves. And even if you have used that lipstick quite often, if you don’t know the trick to apply liquid eyeliner to create that lashline-hugging finish, this guide will show how.

It needs a steady hand to create a perfect line, especially if you will be using a liquid liner to have that straight line on your lids. With these simple tricks that will be shared in a while, you will learn to do your own eye make up with those perfect lines to complement your eyes. You will need to practice once you have learned how to use a liquid eyeliner, though. Soon enough, you will be done with your make up with just a few strokes after you have mastered this guide.

First, you need to know which type of eyeliner to use

There are three options that you can use any time you would need to use one: pencil, gel, or liquid. Whichever you decide to use, make sure that the tip of the liner is sharp, without smudges, lashes or anything that will make the application difficult to do or leave a dull or smudgy finish.

If you prefer to use a pencil, make sure that it is not too sharp or too dull to make it easier to create perfect lines with a few strokes.

Gels are usually available in pots with a blush that will be used to apply the product. Since you get to decide how much of the product you want to be applied on your eyes, you need to be precise with the amount of product that you will allow to cling on the blush and on your lids. Perfection may not come too easy when you need a hand that can be easily controlled to create an even application of the gel liner. Since gel liners are contained in a pot, they can also dry faster, hence will be costlier than a regular pencil eyeliner and a liquid eyeliner.

Liquid liners may not be that easy to apply, but once you have totally mastered how to apply it on with even strokes, it will be so easy for you to create a dramatic finish with each application on your eyes.

Choose the appropriate shade

There are other eyeliner shades that you can use instead of just the usual black eyeliner. You may start with a brown or a gray liquid eyeliner and still create a stunning finish.

Blend to create a natural look

If you are using a pencil eyeliner, you can be more dramatic with the shade of your eyeliner by using a combination of colors.

Use a pencil to line your eyes before using a liquid eyeliner

It will be easier and quicker to create perfect lines if you use a pencil as a base for your liquid liner.

Do this for a flawless cat-eye flick

Use a business card or something hard enough that you can use as a guide in creating perfect cat-eye lines on your eyes. Place the card or tape diagonally against the edges of your eyes and run the eyeliner along the edges of the card or tape to create those perfect lines.

Hold the skin above and below your eyes for more control

It will be easier to apply a liquid eyeliner if you have an application-ready canvas. To do so, just pull the skin below your eyes with your index and middle finger. This will make the liquid liner to glide easily on your skin and create those perfect lines on your eyes.

Use a cotton swab for that clean finish

Sometimes it is easier to create a mess on the edges of your lids. To clean up or erase any mistake in the application, use a cotton bud.

When you are done, make sure that you give your liner some time to dry before applying other eye products to complete or complement your look.

Ready to give it a try?

Is it Advisable to Clean a new Tattoo with a bar Soap?

After finally getting that much coveted tattoo, you are now probably second guessing on whether to use a bar of soap or not. Some of the questions probably include whether your tattoo structure will get affected.

What do Tattoo Artists say About it?

Most likely your tattoo artist will advise on using soap regularly. Nonetheless, that does not drive away the multitude of questions. One would still wonder if using a bar soap on a fresh tattoo would lead to some infection. Even after multiple assurances, some would still insist on knowing exactly what to look for in a suitable soap. If you are such kind of a person, you are in luck, read on.

Take your time and Concentrate on soap Choosing

Technically, a tattoo is an open wound. Thus, one should choose the type of soap prudently as the tattoo is extremely sensitive for quite some time. You have probably come across people with newly done tattoos that appeared red, and they probably complained of itching, dryness, and rashes. Well those could probably have been effects from harsh soap ingredients.

What is the Verdict?

Many tattoo gurus and fans have diverse views on this topic. That is however common in any setting where people of varying backgrounds make their opinions known. Truth of the matter is, most of them agree on the fact that bar soaps are usable so long as they meet some conditions. Those, will be listed in the subsequent part. And if you have not noticed to this point, that is a big yes. Feel free to use your bar soap on a newly done tattoo. After all, bar soaps are most commonly used and readily available. Even so, read the following before settling on any bar soap brand.

Criteria to use when Choosing a Suitable bar Soap

First, the soap should be fragrance-free or mild to a level most minimal. So, go ahead and waft to determine if yours has any fragrance or determine concentration levels if present. Next, you ought to know if your bar soap could lead to dry skin. Simple enough, just check the ingredients list to see if it contains any alcohol. If it does, you probably guessed right, leave it! Look for an alternative that is alcohol-free

That is not all, anti-germ campaigners insist on getting a new bar soap. Reason being, one left out in the open for too long could have accumulated some germs. As a result, and where possible you should get a new and well-wrapped soap. The soap used to wash the rest of your body should not get into contact with your tattoo soap in order to avoid cross-contamination.

Any Better Alternatives?

At this point, one cannot help but wonder if there is another option that involves less and rigorous scrutiny. Well, without a doubt there is!  H2Ocean Blue Green Foam soap Is among the best soap for tattoos there is. The liquid soap favors tattoo lovers all the more, taking away contamination paranoia. Its bottled and dispensed at the press of the nozzle. At all other times, contents stay safe and void of contamination of any form. Other brands are available in plenty as well, just make sure they are fragrance and alcohol free.

Procedural Tattoo-washing

Having understood what to look for in a soap, it is prudent that one does the washing right.

  • Cleanliness first, the tattoo should not come into contact with any dirt. As such, make sure your hands are highly clean. Clean those fingernails too, and thoroughly as you wash your hands.
  • Cleaning means the area has to get wet. Do this with some lukewarm water and rub in circular motions.
  • Once considerably damp, rub the chosen soap with your fingers and palms. Emphasis should be on areas with dried up plasma, blood, and ink. A wash cloth or scrub should be avoided by all means as it would be too harsh.
  • Rinse the soap thoroughly as any of it left would dry up the skin. In so doing, one should avoid too much water on the tattoo area as that waterlogs pores.
  • Drying the area is either by use of a paper towel or exposing to dry air. Cloth towels often have bacteria build up, and that is not good for the tattoo.


Use the chosen soap and follow steps listed above to wash your tattoo 3-4 times daily. You can also make use of some cream to moisturize the tattoo after washing.

What Skincare Products Should Teenagers Be Using?

There are many great skin care products specifically made for use by teenagers. Many skin problems are faced by teenagers due to their raging hormones which cause acute changes in their bodies, including the skin. Though oily skin and acne are the most common skin problems faced by issues they can control such problems using the latest skin care products. These products are specifically designed keeping the teenagers in mind. It is better to prevent such problems and the following are some the skin care products that can be used by teenagers.

Skin Care Products

Teenagers must opt for skin care products that are organic and have natural ingredients. By using such products they can prevent irritation of sensitive skin. For at least some time teenagers face the problem of sensitive skin and making use of harsh chemicals can only aggravate problems like acne. There are specially designed skin care products that for teen skin. These must be chosen in place of products meant for adult skin, which will help in solving the problem in a better way. Teenagers must also avoid skin care products having only astringent properties. All types of skin require moisturizing, too. You must choose moisturizers that have a non-oily base. Teenagers must choose skin care products that offer soothing herbs as a mix with other natural ingredients. Some of the few natural ingredients are lavender, aloe and chamomile which can really soothe irritated and sensitive skin.

Hormones can be a determining factor with regard to skin texture especially during teenage and growing up years when bodies go through the puberty stage. Teenagers can also visit the dermatologist or skin care professional for acute skin problems. Teenagers can also try to address their problems by visiting an esthetician first and trying products that are designed for particular skin types. Estheticians can help teenagers by identifying their skin type (oily, dry or combination) and then are able to suggest the proper products for their clients to use for their particular skin type. Another fact to remember is that as you grow older the skin type might change.

There are also great skin care products to control the problem of acne. By squeezing or pricking pimples the skin can only get irritated and the chances of scarring can increase. Teenagers can get pimples removed by qualified skin professionals without harming their skin. They must also pay careful attention to diet and drink lots of water which will help them to keep their skin in great health. After diet, the four factors that will help teenagers to keep their skin supple and soft are a cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer, and most importantly, a sunscreen. Using the tips given above and a proper skin care regimen, you can have a great looking skin.

Though not all teenagers have problematic skin, it pays to start with the right skin care routine and products from an early age so that in case they start facing problems later the impact can be minimized.

Chosing The Right Skincare Products For Dummies

You may be confused regarding the right skin care products that are available in the market as there is an entire range of skin care products to choose from. You must choose products based on your skin type and also that which would focus on the specialty areas of your face. With the availability of a range of skin care products today in the market, you can choose products as it is never too late to start taking good care of your skin.

When trying to locate skin care products for yourself, you can select entire kits of skin care solutions. You can select kits that include protective creams, cleansers as well as serums that will keep the wrinkles at bay. By using some of the modern skin care solutions you can also start looking younger today. Some of the skin care range of products uses serums which has ingredients that already exist in your skin and help restore youthfulness to your skin.

The first step involved in skin care is cleansing. You can only waste time by applying creams on your face if you have not cleansed it well in the first place. You need not use soap as it will only dry your skin and harm it as it contains harmful chemicals and can cause harm when it is absorbed into your skin. You must choose moisturizers in addition to cleansers when you choose your skin care products for your face. Your pores must be completely cleansed out in any skin care program so that you can prevent the signs of aging.

You must also choose skin care products that would be ideal for your skin type. This is because not everyone has the same type of skin. Skin can be oily or dry or a combination skin. When you use the right products based on your skin type you can see positive results.

Special serums are also an important part of skin care. These are designed keeping in mind the problem areas of your skin. For instance, the skin around your eyes may be more prone to wrinkles as it is very thin than any other part of your face. Skin care products also address such problems and can be used to tackle problem areas of your skin.

You can see amazing results by using proper and new skin care products that are made for anti aging. If you do not wish to, you need not have to just put up with the signs of aging. There are skin care products that help to retard aging and will make your skin look several years younger. You can fight the signs of aging by making use of such products regularly. You can see positive results straight away by starting your regular skin care routine. You will have younger looking skin and have more confidence regarding your appearance. There are also a whole range of skin care products tips and articles online that can be used by dummies to have information about these new products in the market.

Understanding Of What Works In Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Though it is not possible to stop the natural aging process, you can by all means delay it. You can make use of a host of medical treatments including cosmetic surgery to achieve this. The best way to achieve this is by making use of anti ageing products other than the natural means of eating well and exercising regularly. These products may be in the form of external and internal treatments. Both men and women make use of anti aging skin care products. There are many philosophies that surround the science of anti aging. Some people are of the view that ageing cannot be reversed and these anti ageing creams are just a myth. But this not true really.
When it comes to anti ageing products you must have a clear view about their ingredients and then try it as only then can you be sure about its effectiveness.

You must maintain the quality of your skin as it determines whether you’re tired or rested, cold or hot and sick or healthy. Your skin also offers protection from the sun’s UV rays and also safeguards the skin from potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. Sun exposure can cause a lot of harm to the quality of your skin. Environmental factors can also play havoc as far as skin quality is concerned.

You can start seeing wrinkles, spots, lines etc depending on your skin type, age, genetic makeup, and sun exposure. You can also suffer from other conditions such as precancerous skin changes known as actinic keratosis. Such conditions associated with aging skin and treatments for them can be seen online and you can buy some of these products to reverse the bad effects of ageing. Rapid progress has been made in treating aging skin. Advanced and new skin care techniques helps to minimize and reverse some of the damage caused by environment changes and time. You can have a rejuvenated and youthful skin by using the new cosmetic techniques and procedures. You can make use of Botox injections, powerful lasers or peels that will help you be free of discolored spots, patches and lines. Skin aestheticians use many kinds of tools in their arsenal to fight the signs of aging.

Not everyone needs cosmetic procedures or anti ageing creams to have a great looking skin. For those having acute skin problems, there are procedures ranging from laser resurfacing to cosmetic surgery. You can choose a procedure based on your skin type and also get a professional to do the procedure so that problems are minimized. There are also specific anti ageing products such as night creams and creams to prevent fine lines and wrinkles appearing in the face an around the eyes. Many people are trying or thinking of giving a try to these anti ageing products to have a more youthful appearance and retard the progress of ageing. There are products to suit different skin types and having a general idea about your skin type and skin structure will help you know about the treatment options and that which would be most suitable for you.

Guide To Natural Skin Care Products

There are a host of skin care products and remedies which help arrest skin care problems and leave the skin smooth and supple. You can also find guide to natural skin care products online. Pimples can be the worst of problems and can cause loss of self esteem and confidence if left untreated. You can make use of effective over-the-counter and prescription drugs which will help you to control the blackheads and whiteheads. The most natural and easy way to fight acne is to drink plenty of water. You can have at least eight to ten glasses a day which will help you to keep your skin hydrated and less oily. By drinking more water you can also remove toxins from your body which will help the skin to stay healthy. You can use ice packs on your skin to remove the redness of a pimple and reduce the swelling. This will help to reduce the pain and make the pimple smaller.

You must also pay attention to having a balanced diet which is a natural way to be free of skin problems. You must include lots of veggies and fruits in your diet. These foods contain the best nutrients that will help us to stay healthier. By using such foods you can also stay away from diseases and have a strong immune system. You must also stay away from iodine as eating foods having more iodized salt and salty foods can cause acne.

You can also dilute tea bags with cold water and combine it with lemon. You can spread this solution with a cotton ball. This will shrink the pimples. You can control blemishes caused by acne by using salty warm water on cotton balls on skin and leaving it for three minutes. Then you can dab ample amount of honey on the affected area. These are natural skin care products that can make you have a great looking skin.

Another must to do factor to avoid skin problems is to wash your face regularly. You must use a mild soap and pat dry the skin. You can wash your face twice or more depending on its exposure to dirt and sweat. When needed you can also make use of a nice exfoliating scrub and a toner which are essential skin care products for a smooth and supple skin.

You can also use a good sunscreen lotion especially if you have to stay outside for a longer time. This is essential as you must stay away from direct exposure to sunlight. You can also make use of an umbrella to avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

You must choose all natural skin care products based on their ingredients. It is better to go in for products that have natural ingredients especially if you have a sensitive skin. Also less is more when it comes to make up. You must also use shampoos and body soaps that have mild ingredients. You must also choose a gentle shampoo as hair care is also important. Sometimes hair also can irritate the skin and cause breakouts to develop. You must also see that you lead a stress-free lifestyle. You can try some new hobbies and keep stress at bay. These will help to keep your heart and muscles healthy and reduce stress in your body.

Acne Skin Care Products: Which Actually Work?

Acne is one of the most common skin problems that affect not only teenagers but also adults throughout the globe. Choose skin care products that claim to completely cure acne with extreme caution and read the labels for ingredients and importantly the amounts used before purchasing one.

Causes and types of acne

Teenagers are aware that their bodies secrete hormones as a natural process of growing up. Each person’s body reacts differently to this and coping with these problems sensibly and not stressfully is the key to handling the situation. Cystic acne is the result of hyperactive sebaceous glands generally caused due to increased level of hormones in teenagers, which can continue into adulthood. Rosacea occurs when there is an increase in the blood flow to the capillaries, which causes the face to flare-up. Genetic causes could be one of the reasons for acne problems though there is no full proof cures for this. Acne affects women especially during their menstrual cycles.

Reaching out for help

Acne manifests itself on the face, neck, back, arms and even the butt in the form of zits, blemishes, blackheads, pimples, etc. Scarring can often prove a depressant for growing teenagers who desperately try any treatment that guarantees a cure. Contrary to popular belief that proactive skin care products cure acne, results show that they temporarily dry out that particular spot but cannot stop lesions from occurring elsewhere in the body. Use Ointments and lotions, which contain about 2.5% pf benzoyl peroxide and creams containing a small portion of salicylic acid, which contains beta hydroxyl. These ingredients in skin care products remove dead cells, drain the sebum, unclog pores, and do not have side effects. Know your skin type before venturing to pick up skin care products. Look for mild cleansers with glycolic acid, colloidal silver or gold in toners and cleansers that balance the PH levels, prevent over drying and control breakouts to a certain extent.

Natural cure for acne

The most important rule is to keep your face clean and leave those zits alone. Trying to pierce them to remove the fluid inside may cause deep and permanent scarring. Use skin care products like mild cleansers and moisturizers with neem and coconut oil base. Use home remedies like small dabs of mint toothpaste; apply cool green tea bags, egg whites, and cleansers with sugar, or supplements that have antibacterial properties. Choose skin care products that contain any of Aloe Vera and tea tree oil to soothe and protect your skin. Make sure your hands are clean when touching your face.

Tried and Tested Home remedies

A popular belief is that skin care products can cure every skin ailment today with the blend of modern science technologies and natural organic products. However, tried and tested home remedies are still very successful. unless Be wary of treatments advertised on different websites which guarantee results in three to thirty days, yet offer free trial periods of sixty days!

Which Types Of Skincare Products Make You Really Look Younger?

It is next to impossible to go through the innumerable skin care products that have pervaded the cosmetic industry today to figure out the best skin care products that can retain the radiant and youthful texture of your body. It is very essential to know the ingredients used in cosmetics before using them on your body as most of them can do more harm than good as they penetrate the skin and introduce harmful elements, which can increase the risk of cancer and other ailments. Find out what your skin type is before you choose skin care products.

Cleansers, tonics, lotions, and moisturizers

Once you have established whether your skin is normal, dry, over dry, sensitive, oily or maturing, make sure you buy good quality skin care products that cater to your skin type. Carbon emissions, pollution and allergens in the care produce free radicals, which harm the skin and cause redness, itchiness, blotching, age spots and wrinkles. Antioxidants fight to free the skin of these problems and a judicious use of the right amounts prevents the skin from losing excess moisture, corrects overactive glands and strengthens the tissues against sagging etc.

Basic precautions to take when purchasing skin care products

Do not purchase creams and moisturizers because of their wonderful perfume or because they were recommended by someone else. Use products that suit your skin type and avoid those which have mineral oils like petroleum products and liquid paraffin, which are cheaper options that penetrate the skin and enter the body. Avoid skin care products, which use Dioxane, preservatives or parabens, most types of alcohol, which strips the skin from its natural acids and causes viruses, bacteria and irritations. Use skin care products that stimulate and produce new collagens and elastins in your body to counteract the sagging and wrinkles and which will hydrate and replenish the moisture content in your face and body. Look for higher concentration of these ingredients as most companies may list the ingredients but use minimal amounts, which may not really produce results

Scientifically proven skin care ingredients could make that difference.

Look at labels on bottles and jars of skin care products, which offer small amounts of alpha or beta hydroxy acids, shea butter, edelweiss extract, and primrose oil. Plant oils and seeds are beneficial to skin and recent research has proved that Japanese kelp called phytessence wakame actually blocks harmful enzymes in the body, thereby aiding in retaining that youthful look by protecting the collagen and elastin in the body. It is a proven fact that Functional Keratin or Cynergy TK repairs and replaces dead cells and that ingredients like nano-lipobelle and manuka honey fight free radicals, replenish the moisture content, and rejuvenate the skin. Use products that have jojoba oil, seaweed extracts, rose and neem oils which also soothe the skin. Remember that regular cleansing, hydrating, exfoliating and toning the skin is very important to retain that youthful and radiant glow.