Acne Skin Care Products: Which Actually Work?

Acne is one of the most common skin problems that affect not only teenagers but also adults throughout the globe. Choose skin care products that claim to completely cure acne with extreme caution and read the labels for ingredients and importantly the amounts used before purchasing one.

Causes and types of acne

Teenagers are aware that their bodies secrete hormones as a natural process of growing up. Each person’s body reacts differently to this and coping with these problems sensibly and not stressfully is the key to handling the situation. Cystic acne is the result of hyperactive sebaceous glands generally caused due to increased level of hormones in teenagers, which can continue into adulthood. Rosacea occurs when there is an increase in the blood flow to the capillaries, which causes the face to flare-up. Genetic causes could be one of the reasons for acne problems though there is no full proof cures for this. Acne affects women especially during their menstrual cycles.

Reaching out for help

Acne manifests itself on the face, neck, back, arms and even the butt in the form of zits, blemishes, blackheads, pimples, etc. Scarring can often prove a depressant for growing teenagers who desperately try any treatment that guarantees a cure. Contrary to popular belief that proactive skin care products cure acne, results show that they temporarily dry out that particular spot but cannot stop lesions from occurring elsewhere in the body. Use Ointments and lotions, which contain about 2.5% pf benzoyl peroxide and creams containing a small portion of salicylic acid, which contains beta hydroxyl. These ingredients in skin care products remove dead cells, drain the sebum, unclog pores, and do not have side effects. Know your skin type before venturing to pick up skin care products. Look for mild cleansers with glycolic acid, colloidal silver or gold in toners and cleansers that balance the PH levels, prevent over drying and control breakouts to a certain extent.

Natural cure for acne

The most important rule is to keep your face clean and leave those zits alone. Trying to pierce them to remove the fluid inside may cause deep and permanent scarring. Use skin care products like mild cleansers and moisturizers with neem and coconut oil base. Use home remedies like small dabs of mint toothpaste; apply cool green tea bags, egg whites, and cleansers with sugar, or supplements that have antibacterial properties. Choose skin care products that contain any of Aloe Vera and tea tree oil to soothe and protect your skin. Make sure your hands are clean when touching your face.

Tried and Tested Home remedies

A popular belief is that skin care products can cure every skin ailment today with the blend of modern science technologies and natural organic products. However, tried and tested home remedies are still very successful. unless Be wary of treatments advertised on different websites which guarantee results in three to thirty days, yet offer free trial periods of sixty days!

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