Month: April 2019

Can Baby Powder Be Safe for Babies?

Many parents use baby powder today. I have even been using it. Parents think baby powder is the best thing to use on a baby after you change its diaper or bath. Though, there are scientist who recently found faults with baby powder. Claiming it can cause the baby to have some sort of breathing problem. Sounds strange, people have been using baby powder for years. Why would the scientists say it now? That is something you can find out down below if curious.

Possible Health Effects According to Doctors

First, the risk of respiratory failure is caused by baby powder. Corn starch and talc found in baby powder has the ability to infect lungs. Making the child breath harder and possibly killing them in their sleep. Ok, this sounds a little exaggerated. Its not apparently, pediatrics from American Academy report baby powder having chemicals that can infect in lungs in small particles. Meaning, your baby does not need to sniff in a large amount to have lung problems. In seriousness, keep the baby powder away from your child’s nose. When you use baby powder on child, keep the white smoke away from their face. I know it feels good and smell good. But, your baby does not have a strong lung biological system. Think about their safety and keep it away.

To extend, cancer can be caused by baby powder. The percentage is a small amount. You don’t hear people catching cancer from baby powder. But, in any event, it should be important to keep baby powder away form child for that purpose. The amount is not something to worry about but you want your child to be the best right? So do I.

Way to Use It Safely

The only way to use best baby powder safely is to apply to baby’s elbows, neck, and feet. Areas not on the face are fine too. The main thing is to not let the baby sniff in the air. Use a very small amount on your hand and apply. Small amounts are less capable of entering in your child’s nose. After you use body wash for baby and baby powder, wash the baby off with water all over. Also, wash your hands with water to stop the smell from surrounding house. You don’t want that stuff lying around. It can hurt you and your child. Anyone that comes in the house is affected.

Second safe way, apply baby powder to the genitals when you put on a new diaper. As long as the powder is kept from face, you can apply the powder to baby private area without causing baby problems. The diaper will do a good job of blocking out the substance for everyone surrounding baby. In my opinion, this way should be the only time you need to use baby powder.