Year: 2019

Can Baby Powder Be Safe for Babies?

Many parents use baby powder today. I have even been using it. Parents think baby powder is the best thing to use on a baby after you change its diaper or bath. Though, there are scientist who recently found faults with baby powder. Claiming it can cause the baby to have some sort of breathing problem. Sounds strange, people have been using baby powder for years. Why would the scientists say it now? That is something you can find out down below if curious.

Possible Health Effects According to Doctors

First, the risk of respiratory failure is caused by baby powder. Corn starch and talc found in baby powder has the ability to infect lungs. Making the child breath harder and possibly killing them in their sleep. Ok, this sounds a little exaggerated. Its not apparently, pediatrics from American Academy report baby powder having chemicals that can infect in lungs in small particles. Meaning, your baby does not need to sniff in a large amount to have lung problems. In seriousness, keep the baby powder away from your child’s nose. When you use baby powder on child, keep the white smoke away from their face. I know it feels good and smell good. But, your baby does not have a strong lung biological system. Think about their safety and keep it away.

To extend, cancer can be caused by baby powder. The percentage is a small amount. You don’t hear people catching cancer from baby powder. But, in any event, it should be important to keep baby powder away form child for that purpose. The amount is not something to worry about but you want your child to be the best right? So do I.

Way to Use It Safely

The only way to use best baby powder safely is to apply to baby’s elbows, neck, and feet. Areas not on the face are fine too. The main thing is to not let the baby sniff in the air. Use a very small amount on your hand and apply. Small amounts are less capable of entering in your child’s nose. After you use body wash for baby and baby powder, wash the baby off with water all over. Also, wash your hands with water to stop the smell from surrounding house. You don’t want that stuff lying around. It can hurt you and your child. Anyone that comes in the house is affected.

Second safe way, apply baby powder to the genitals when you put on a new diaper. As long as the powder is kept from face, you can apply the powder to baby private area without causing baby problems. The diaper will do a good job of blocking out the substance for everyone surrounding baby. In my opinion, this way should be the only time you need to use baby powder.

Top Make Up Artist Give Tips On How to Find a Good Make Up Foundation

Forget what you think you know about finding a good make up foundation. Even if your looking for the best drugstore foundation for oily skin, you still don’t know what your doing. Digging though the isle and finding your perfect match has gotten harder. It has gotten to the point where you got to buy a bunch to find the little stuff you need. We understand all the disappoints. The good news, we know some top make artist that know what to do. Read the tips that give below to have a more relaxed process.

Match the Color On Your Chest

Top Make Up Artist Give Tips On How to Find a Good Make Up Foundation

Always put on make up that matches your chest for that natural look. This applies to the best drugstore foundation for oily skin or any other make up foundation. If you want to look like you have flawless skin, then go with your chest color. You don’t want people to spot your make up. You want it to balance and look like you always look like that. Appear to not wear make up and look young by matching your face make up with the color on your chest. It works every time. Try it if you don’t believe what the top make up artist say.

Find Your Favorite Texture

Find a make texture that is personal. Experts say making your make up foundation is suppose to be personal. It is your own make up. You should do it the way you want to do it. Make it so you look the way you want to look from day to day. Let people see the person you want them to see you as. People say you should do this and that. But, you really need to make sure you use a make up foundation that is really yours. Make your face bloom with you. You are the only person that you need to listen to when you put on make up.

Make Sure Make Up Is Not Laying On Any Texture On Face

Putting on make up can look really bad if you layer it wrong. Your face has a lot of layers on it. Wash your face and get rid of old colors you used the day before. When adding layers, put colors that seem to fit. Colors that give you your best confidence and make you feel good overall. You got to change it, but at the same time make sure it is all balanced. If you need another pair of eyes, then use it. Your eyes can not see everything you do wrong. Add texture where it is needed on your face and everything should be fine.

Another thing, do not add in color that does not fit with your face. On Halloween, nobody cares about you messing up. But, you got to think about the days your not on that holiday. Each color needs to blend in. Light colors for winter. Dark to medium colors for summer. Make everything look like it was suppose to be there. The people around you will pay more attention to how you tried to be a beautiful thing.

Eyeliner Tips For That Perfect Look

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. It may sound cliche, but isn’t it quite true that for many people it is the eyes that first draw a man to a woman? If you want to lure others to look at you more intently, maybe it’s time you make those eyes look even more captivating. One of the easiest ways to do that is to do some tricks with the best drugstore liquid eyeliner on your eyes. It will be easy to make your eyes look more vibrant, make your lashes look longer, and, as a whole, make your overall look even more intense and captivating.

You can’t just use any color to do all that, however. The right color, the right strokes, the right edges to apply the eyeliner, are the things that you need to consider to make sure you’ll create the right look for whatever occasion you may need to put on an eye make up.

It won’t be that easy, especially for those who are not used to putting on makeup themselves. And even if you have used that lipstick quite often, if you don’t know the trick to apply liquid eyeliner to create that lashline-hugging finish, this guide will show how.

It needs a steady hand to create a perfect line, especially if you will be using a liquid liner to have that straight line on your lids. With these simple tricks that will be shared in a while, you will learn to do your own eye make up with those perfect lines to complement your eyes. You will need to practice once you have learned how to use a liquid eyeliner, though. Soon enough, you will be done with your make up with just a few strokes after you have mastered this guide.

First, you need to know which type of eyeliner to use

There are three options that you can use any time you would need to use one: pencil, gel, or liquid. Whichever you decide to use, make sure that the tip of the liner is sharp, without smudges, lashes or anything that will make the application difficult to do or leave a dull or smudgy finish.

If you prefer to use a pencil, make sure that it is not too sharp or too dull to make it easier to create perfect lines with a few strokes.

Gels are usually available in pots with a blush that will be used to apply the product. Since you get to decide how much of the product you want to be applied on your eyes, you need to be precise with the amount of product that you will allow to cling on the blush and on your lids. Perfection may not come too easy when you need a hand that can be easily controlled to create an even application of the gel liner. Since gel liners are contained in a pot, they can also dry faster, hence will be costlier than a regular pencil eyeliner and a liquid eyeliner.

Liquid liners may not be that easy to apply, but once you have totally mastered how to apply it on with even strokes, it will be so easy for you to create a dramatic finish with each application on your eyes.

Choose the appropriate shade

There are other eyeliner shades that you can use instead of just the usual black eyeliner. You may start with a brown or a gray liquid eyeliner and still create a stunning finish.

Blend to create a natural look

If you are using a pencil eyeliner, you can be more dramatic with the shade of your eyeliner by using a combination of colors.

Use a pencil to line your eyes before using a liquid eyeliner

It will be easier and quicker to create perfect lines if you use a pencil as a base for your liquid liner.

Do this for a flawless cat-eye flick

Use a business card or something hard enough that you can use as a guide in creating perfect cat-eye lines on your eyes. Place the card or tape diagonally against the edges of your eyes and run the eyeliner along the edges of the card or tape to create those perfect lines.

Hold the skin above and below your eyes for more control

It will be easier to apply a liquid eyeliner if you have an application-ready canvas. To do so, just pull the skin below your eyes with your index and middle finger. This will make the liquid liner to glide easily on your skin and create those perfect lines on your eyes.

Use a cotton swab for that clean finish

Sometimes it is easier to create a mess on the edges of your lids. To clean up or erase any mistake in the application, use a cotton bud.

When you are done, make sure that you give your liner some time to dry before applying other eye products to complete or complement your look.

Ready to give it a try?