Day: November 6, 2018

Is it Advisable to Clean a new Tattoo with a bar Soap?

After finally getting that much coveted tattoo, you are now probably second guessing on whether to use a bar of soap or not. Some of the questions probably include whether your tattoo structure will get affected.

What do Tattoo Artists say About it?

Most likely your tattoo artist will advise on using soap regularly. Nonetheless, that does not drive away the multitude of questions. One would still wonder if using a bar soap on a fresh tattoo would lead to some infection. Even after multiple assurances, some would still insist on knowing exactly what to look for in a suitable soap. If you are such kind of a person, you are in luck, read on.

Take your time and Concentrate on soap Choosing

Technically, a tattoo is an open wound. Thus, one should choose the type of soap prudently as the tattoo is extremely sensitive for quite some time. You have probably come across people with newly done tattoos that appeared red, and they probably complained of itching, dryness, and rashes. Well those could probably have been effects from harsh soap ingredients.

What is the Verdict?

Many tattoo gurus and fans have diverse views on this topic. That is however common in any setting where people of varying backgrounds make their opinions known. Truth of the matter is, most of them agree on the fact that bar soaps are usable so long as they meet some conditions. Those, will be listed in the subsequent part. And if you have not noticed to this point, that is a big yes. Feel free to use your bar soap on a newly done tattoo. After all, bar soaps are most commonly used and readily available. Even so, read the following before settling on any bar soap brand.

Criteria to use when Choosing a Suitable bar Soap

First, the soap should be fragrance-free or mild to a level most minimal. So, go ahead and waft to determine if yours has any fragrance or determine concentration levels if present. Next, you ought to know if your bar soap could lead to dry skin. Simple enough, just check the ingredients list to see if it contains any alcohol. If it does, you probably guessed right, leave it! Look for an alternative that is alcohol-free

That is not all, anti-germ campaigners insist on getting a new bar soap. Reason being, one left out in the open for too long could have accumulated some germs. As a result, and where possible you should get a new and well-wrapped soap. The soap used to wash the rest of your body should not get into contact with your tattoo soap in order to avoid cross-contamination.

Any Better Alternatives?

At this point, one cannot help but wonder if there is another option that involves less and rigorous scrutiny. Well, without a doubt there is!  H2Ocean Blue Green Foam soap Is among the best soap for tattoos there is. The liquid soap favors tattoo lovers all the more, taking away contamination paranoia. Its bottled and dispensed at the press of the nozzle. At all other times, contents stay safe and void of contamination of any form. Other brands are available in plenty as well, just make sure they are fragrance and alcohol free.

Procedural Tattoo-washing

Having understood what to look for in a soap, it is prudent that one does the washing right.

  • Cleanliness first, the tattoo should not come into contact with any dirt. As such, make sure your hands are highly clean. Clean those fingernails too, and thoroughly as you wash your hands.
  • Cleaning means the area has to get wet. Do this with some lukewarm water and rub in circular motions.
  • Once considerably damp, rub the chosen soap with your fingers and palms. Emphasis should be on areas with dried up plasma, blood, and ink. A wash cloth or scrub should be avoided by all means as it would be too harsh.
  • Rinse the soap thoroughly as any of it left would dry up the skin. In so doing, one should avoid too much water on the tattoo area as that waterlogs pores.
  • Drying the area is either by use of a paper towel or exposing to dry air. Cloth towels often have bacteria build up, and that is not good for the tattoo.


Use the chosen soap and follow steps listed above to wash your tattoo 3-4 times daily. You can also make use of some cream to moisturize the tattoo after washing.